Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy Crapola!

Quick, someone hand me a diaper cause I'm about to pee my pants.

Today, in a rare moment of quietude, I hopped onto a local classifieds website and came across this:
A black claw foot tub.

Aren't the brass claw feet killer?  I am freaking out, I'm so excited.  The master bath has not had one improvement made in it since we into the money pit three and half years ago.  If I can talk Studly into taking a look at this delicious piece of gorgeousness, maybe it will motivate us to get crackin' on the bathroom.

As always, money will be a major issue in this potential reno {especially since we came home yesterday to a gaping hole the master bedroom ceiling...blast you leaky swamp cooler}, but the tub I found is only $175, which all things considered, is not much of an investment.  Fingers crossed I'll be bringing my baby home soon.

Here are some inspiration pictures to get you drooling.

I know the tub isn't black, but couldn't you spend hours in this room soaking in the tub? Ah, calgon take me away.

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  1. I had a recent score myself so I know the thrill you feel. Bravo!


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