Sunday, March 11, 2012


I hesitate to show how lacking I am in the techi world, but sometimes one just has to suck it up and ask for help...even if it makes me look like a big loser.

I know there are a bazillion people out there more adept than I at this "blog managing" stuff, so I address my question to you. How on earth do I set up my blog to send me email notifications when a comment is made on one of my posts?

It's kinda bad for business when it takes me a year to respond to someone's question, so any advice/suggestion/direction regarding this matter would be very much appreciated. Thank you, thank you all knowing, tech savvy guru...whoever you end up being. Just wanted to say... I <3 u {that's about as techi as I get}.


  1. Are you using the old blogger or blogger in draft? If you are using draft you will have to switch back because the option is missing.

    From your regular blogger dashboard, go to the settings tab.

    Under settings click on comments.

    Scroll down and it will say comment notification email. Put your email address in the box there.

    Hope that helps!!

  2. Bless you, Lorie! That was so simple...even I could do it. If you lived in Utah I'd bake you some lemon bars...which is probably a good thing that you don't, because I'm a wreck in the kitchen. But it's the thought that counts right? Sending good juju your way instead, for being so awesome.


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