Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creative Juice Transfusion

Seasons Greetings peepsies. I am finally feeling ready to get going on some projects. My creative juices have finally started flowing again.

I attribute that mainly to a little thing I call Pinterest...perhaps you are acquainted with her. Whenever I am in a creative slump, or just need a little jump start, that's where I go to be inspired.

I have added five new projects to the to-do list just because of this one picture I found.

Did you happen to notice that the bed is made from old shipping pallets. Why, oh why, does other people's junk make me so week in the knees?

I placed a couple of phone calls today and have secured myself a little stash of wood pallets. I am so excited, I don't even know where to begin. Here are few ideas of what I might start with first.

Perhaps a simple project like a coffee table to ease me back into things?

Or maybe a simple, little wall shelf.

Or maybe I should just go all out and give one of my walls a much needed makeover.

I really love these pallet wood art pieces. Land horse, or seahorse...can't decided which I love more.

Oh, I bet you're getting pallet envy now, aren't ya?

Wait, there's more.

What about using pallet wood for flooring.

Looks good, but I wouldn't recommend trying to roller skate on it.

I found another cool, pallet bed. I'm thinking one of these might be fun as a daybed in the kiddies' playroom.

These headboards are pretty awesome too.

Whatever I decide to do, you'll be the first to know. I can't tell ya how excited I am to go pick up my junk. It's just like waking up on Christmas morning.


  1. I am just perusing your blog and I see my own Pallet Seahorse!! :) I'm so excited!

    Kari @ The Sunset Lane

  2. Kari, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your seahorse artwork. I makes me smile everytime I see it. I am glad to know the genius behind this creation. Thanks for letting me share him.

  3. There are so many fantastic ideas in this post! Any tips on hunting down pallets? (and were they free??)

    1. @daniKate designs. Sorry to only just be getting back to you. I found my pallets at a local landscape business. They sell plants/trees for commercial and residential use. I just happened to notice a huge stack on their property so I called them. I'm sure sod farms and building supply companies etc. come upon them frequently too. It doesn't hurt to call.

  4. I had to share that while looking over your other many projects came across this post. I also share a love for pallets and actually am able to get them for i will not share my contact, but I will tell you that I already have two of the projects you listed. I have the whole huge pallet hanging over my couch with shelves and pictures on it. Just recently I revamped it with some old writings and a little more distress, I love it. And now I also have the hanging three shelves, except mine are two and they are in my kitchen for my go to recipes. My husband says that style is Redneck


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