Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Shop Spotlight {spoon hook board}

In the last week or two I have acquired several cabinet doors for dirt cheap. I have a few ideas for them, one of them being these super cheap, super easy {spoon hook boards}.

The supplies are minimal. All you need is a cabinet door {or old board}, some old teaspoons, a couple of screws.

I started by bending the spoons to create a "U" shape.

Next I drilled hole in the top of each spoon handle.

I would suggest using a drill bit especially for metal because this might happen:

Studly was heading out to the "Depot" for light bulbs so I had him pick up one of these {a metal bit}. They run about $4 and are well worth the money.

I finished drilling my holes

then layed them out in preparation for attaching them to the cabinet.

Okay, time for another {fail}.

Here's what happens if you get antsy and don't drill pilot holes first.
Ah Crap!!! Glad I was only out a couple of bucks, but I still can't stand tossing out a perfectly good cabinet door...well, aside for the big crack down the center.

My advice, take 60 seconds and drill pilot holes before screwing on the spoons.

All right, now we are ready to attach the spoons.

Voila! A fun, little hook board, perfect for the kitchen {or anywhere else in the house for that matter} for under $5.

They make the perfect spot for aprons or dish towels.

If you like these sah-weet things, but don't want to have to make one, stop by the shop and pick one up instead.

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