Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Shop Spotlight {2}

Anthropologie has this awesome chandelier. I know it's a bit of an acquired taste, but I still think it's pretty awesome.

I actually didn't make today's feature myself. This totally awesome knock-off version was the brain child of my good friend, Deni. She just also happens to be my partner in crime at the shop too.

This pretty little thing is currently available for adoption just in case any of you are in the market for one.

She drilled holes through a metal platter and then placed teaspoons through them.

She curved the ends of the spoons into a "U" and then hung a different teacup off of each one.

The body of the chandelier was achieved by stacking old platters, teacups and a teapot. {but you could also use a creamer and sugar bowl like the anthro version if you can find them.}

I love the teapot and cups my friend used. They look like they are metal, but they are actually ceramic {which is great, because it lessens the possibility of brain damage should it fall on your head when you try to install it}. Teapots, teacups and the like are often readily available at the thrift store, so you could make it easy on yourself and just paint some with silver spray paint to achieve the same look.

I don't know how much my friend actually spent on supplies to recreate Anthro's Tea Time Chandelier, but I can assure you it was well under Anthro's $1800 price tag. {Sheesh, do you know how many pairs of shoes a girls could by with that kinda money?}

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all you mommy's out there. I'm off to go spend the rest of the weekend with Studly and the kiddos. See ya next week.

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  1. I spotted that Anthro chandy just last week when pondering what to do with my rather large collection of teacups. So inspired by the DIY version! Love it!


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