Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Retail Therapy

So, this post has absolutely nothing to do with decorating or thrifting or being frugal. Today it's all about retail therapy.

Four weeks ago number {5} broke her leg...on the trampoline.

What? You know what, you can just take those crusty stares and shove 'em where the sun don't shine!

I'll have you know that buckle fractures are quite common amongst youngsters, okay? Especially clumsy youngsters. So cut me some flippin' slack.

Sorry, I didn't mean to take my frustrations out on you. It's just that I'm tired of people sharing their opinions about trampolines and why they aren't safe and blah, blah, blah. I grew up flipping around on a trampoline and aside from the occasional crotch crusher {aka spring straddle} and suicide flip {almost landing on one's neck when undercorrecting a flip} I turned out just fine, uh-hum.

Anywho, today the cast was finally removed...oh blessed day. And to celebrate the ending of number {5}'s one shoed style streak we did a little shopping...just because.

How cute are these little shoes? And the little feet in them?

Ahh, it's so good to see her in both shoes.

Who ever the genius was that coined the phrase..."you're never fully dressed without a second shoe" was totally right on {it was me by the way}. The poor thing has looked totally neglected for the past month...no baths, missing shoes and running {I use the term loosely} around in onesies {in near freezing temperatures mind you}because nothing else would fit over her stump.

I figured that since I was the one who carried the kid around for the past four weeks , I deserved a new pair of shoes too. {The back is the cutest part, which you can't really see.}

Even though I cannot see your faces, I know you all are mesmorized by my curvalicious, snaggle toe. And no comments on my crappy pedi.


  1. What a fun blog and CRAZY busy lady you must be!!! This is my first visit...looking forward to visiting frequently.
    PS - My mother-in-law (who's in her 80's)would have serious "polish envy" if she saw your photos...she loves the bright and unusual on the nails!

  2. Girl- u gotta let kids be kids. I bought mine a trampoline because one ended up with stitches from jumping from bed to bed and crashing her head into the frame. What did these naysayers do- lock them in the closet until they were old enough to vote- puhlease!

  3. Hehehe! Have strong opinions? Doctor across the street from me has a trampoline. Everything is dangerous.....love the shoes!

  4. crotch crushers......I remember well. *shivers*

  5. i fill yours/her pain. It has now been a week since i got my cast off after 7weeks for breaking my foot (5th manatarsol?). I am still trying to find half my shoes since for 2months i only ever cared where the right show was.

    I also get the being defensive, every doctor or nurse or strangers that asked how i broke it gave me the judging/non beleiving stair, as if to say i was lieing and i acturaly broke it while being abused. Though i guess the truth sounds like a lie "i snapped the bone in half by stepping over a baby gate", the fact no one let me go on to explain that my feet are overly flexable and i somehow managed to step down on the top/side of my foot while my other foot caught the baby gate then causing all the weight to go on the foot i had weirdly landed on caused the issue but i guess at the hospital i rather be asked way to many times how it happened then have them miss someone who is being abused and might mix up their story when asked for the 20th time.


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