Friday, April 15, 2011

Check Ya Later!

All righty peeps. I'm turning the laptop off and getting the heck out of dodge cause...the fam and I are headed out on a family "vacation".

It will be EPIC...once the benadryl kicks in and the {10} hour drive is behind us. From then on it will be fun in the sun & sand in SoCal {a perfectly timed getaway I might add}.

Two days ago, number {5} tripped and fell into the corner of my nightstand which resulted in ONE. EXTREMELY. TRAUMATIC. STITCH... which she somehow managed to yank out by days end.

I know it may seem a little inhumane, but I think that the pediatricians should really consider using dog cones so as to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Granted they are a little awkward and unsightly, but it's temporary, unlike the scar she will sport on her face...forever. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, her cast had been off approximately {22} hours when the incident occured. And before you go sicking DCFS on me let me just say that I really am an attentive mother, I just have ridiculously, overactive and busy children. I will post testimonials on my behalf when I get back.

On a happier note, the count down is on, which means that in less than {5} hours I can remove all of the padding and protective headware from the kid and we can start our journey injury free...although there is the {10} second walk to the car that has me concerned.

As for you, my dear bloggy peeps, prepare to have your Depends blown off when I get back, cause I plan on putting my renewed vigour and energy to good use...after the kiddie hangover has passed, that is.

Til the, peace out!

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  1. Poor little lass. That photo of the dog makes me smile. He looks very unimpressed as did my 7 month old puppy after he got desexed by the vet. When I was going in for surgery late last year my four year daughter asked "Do you got a sore willy?". Then my five year old daughter asked me if I would be coming home with a bucket on my head!!
    Enjoy your break! It sounds like fun. I'm not jealous at all! ;o)


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