Monday, March 14, 2011

Yippee!!! Problem solved.

Which means that I can finally make good on my too-long-in-the-process British Invasion bedroom.

Before I show any pics can I just say that I love this bedroom, but I am so ready to move onto my next project.

Here was the space before:

And here it is now:

I started out by moving the bed to the adjacent wall to open up the room . I know I said I was gonna paint the bunk beds red and I still want to, but just not right now. Studly was none too excited when I asked if he would take the thing apart...he's a very practical individual you see {why paint something when it's perfectly fine the way it is?} Obviously he is no David Bromstad, but that's okay. What he lacks in interior design he makes up for in his ability to solve mathematical equations {which means a lot now that we have a middle schooler}. I know it's hard to see, but the accent pillows say "love is all you need" and "money can't buy me love". I don't love them which is why I didn't bother taking close ups. I am going to redo them and see I can get a better result. But, they'll do for now.
I think the study area is my favorite part of the room. I bought two, little dressers from Ikea. I love their simplicity. They were the perfect canvas for the $3 decal I found at Target. Studly put his mathematical skills to good use and concocted this corner table out of scrap board from Ikea {did you know that they sell all sorts of shelves and boards in the AS-IS section of Ikea? I never realized, but I got a huge piece of white, melamine board for $6. That's what I ended up using for the middle section of the desk. I ended up using metal piping for the legs to give it a modern/industrial look. You can have them cut to size and threaded for free if you ask.

I decided to keep this last wall simple and understated. Them room is quite small and I didn't want to make it feel cluttered and tinier that it already is. I opted to showcase a few, fun pictures of the fab four

along with a cherry red electric guitar for an added pop of color...and because it just seemed like the proper thing to do for a rock 'n' roll, fab four, British invasion themed bedroom.

I had a hard time decided what I wanted to use for accessories. The possiblities were endless in a themed room like this. I ended up...

I personalized the space by "jacking" out a "c" for Carter {union jacking that is}

as well as a small picture frame. {Aren't teenagers just precious when they can't talk back?}
And no, I'm not afraid of windex, I cleaned the frame yesterday...which means nothing with a household of five kids.

I knew I wanted to incorporate some "vintage vinyl" into the room. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do it, but I finally decided on reinventing them into items a little more functional like :

Paper/book holders {and just FYI, no, listen-worthy records were harmed in the making of this project. I pretty much used the most obscure, hideous albums {whoever heard of Seraphim?} I could find. So no nasty comments, mmmkay}.

Jacket/hoodie hook
Bowl for accessories and odds & ends

And a couple extra's for whatever.

Now, you may have noticed one, very important element that was missing...wall color. That, my dear peepsies, is where you all come in. I'm having a heck of a time deciding on a wall color. So, if you have any opinions at all I would truly love your input. Don't be shy...I won't bite.
I am leaning towards something in the grey tones...something in the medium range to add contract to all of the white furntiture and frames. But, I am open to anything.


  1. That is just...awesome. And the door. THE DOOR! I can't put into words how amazing that is.

  2. I think something like a misty blue/grey would look great. (Sort of like the sky on a rainy afternoon). I think any bold colors would be too much.
    It looks great! I am loving the updates.

  3. I love the room! It came out great! And the closet doors painted red like a telephone booth, that's just awesome.


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