Monday, January 31, 2011

Through the rabbit's hole...and into my house.

The other day I had a Kirby vaccum salesman stop by...dang kids, what have I said about opening doors to strangers!

Anywho, I invited the guy in and the first thing out of his mouth was..."wow, this place is like Alice in Wonderland".

I imagine most people would take offense to a comment like that and escort the verbal perpetrator straight out the front door.

I mean, really, who in their right mind wants their home compared to a place where grown men {in abnormally large hats} sit around a massive table sipping tea and twin brothers {who's roundness defy the laws of gravity} run amuck in disturbingly small pant suits?

Apparently, I would, because I took his remark as a compliment. BTW, he followed up his "Alice in Wonderland" comment with..."it is way cool in here", so that made me like him a little bit more...even though he was soliciting me.

It is no secret that I enjoy a bit of whimsy. But I always try to maintain the philosophy of {moderation} in all things. And, I have to say that I appreciated him for noticing all of the work I had put in to making my house my own. That doesn't mean that I'll be painting a harlequin pattern on the entry way wall anytime soon, even though I've considered it...refer to moderation comment.

Here's a little glimpse into my Wonderland.

Caution: bright colors and bold patterns ahead. May cause nausea and/or dizziness.

Front Living Room

My writing nook

The Family Room

The Dining Room {I think a Madhatter'd feel right at home here}

The Girls' Room

The {His&Her} Nursery {home to my own little tweedle dee and dum}

Just remember...make your Wonderland your own. It really doesn't matter what others think. But having your efforts recognized every one in a while doesn't hurt either.

P.S. I didn't end up buying a Kirby, just in case you were wondering.


  1. I love your shutters by the window! I want do that, but need to search for the right wood. Found you from the Idea Room link;) I like color in myhome, too.

  2. I am loving your blog....which I only stumbled across a few days ago! Just wanted to inform you that you have won The Stylish Blogger Award! check it out over at


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