Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old Jug Lamp.

The other day whilst meandering around the thrift store, I came across this cool looking jug.

I imagine it's just some old liquor bottle but I thought it was neat. I especially liked the scrolled, metal handle so I grabbed it. It cost me a whole $2.
I knew immediately that I wanted to turn it into a lamp base. I think it could be quite the conversation piece.
"Hey, nice lamp. I have the same jug at home only it's full of booze".

I shall call "Jug-O-Booze lamp".

Coincidentally, I was browsing around Anthropologie the other day and came across this little fella:

I know it's not an exact match, but the concept is similar...old jar/jug with metal banding.
Not to be rude, but I like mine better, especially since Anthro's version costs $328 and mine only cost $12 ($2 for the jug and $10 for the lamp kit).
And what's more, Anthro's lamp base reminds me of a penicillin capsule. But I still love it anyway.

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  1. Jug-O-Booze lamp hahaha I almost peed myself reading this : ) Needed a good laugh this evening! Love the lamp, as always!


  2. I love lamps made from unusual items and this one is a winner. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  3. I Love yours! it is waaaay classier than the Anthro lamp! and you are right! Anthro's does look like a penicillin capsule, lol!


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