Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Multi purpose vintage suitcases and a fabulous photographer feature.

Not too long ago I invested in a couple of vintage suitcases to use as storage ottoman's/coffee tables.
I love them for that purpose, but now is usually the time that I start contemplating family pictures and Christmas cards.
And I got to thinking...vintage suitcases might make for some pretty fun picture props.
I took the idea and went a little crazy, but...
We ended up getting our pictures taken on the railroad tracks by our house and we chose a modern-vintage theme for the style.
I did so, because that is the style of my home, a little modern and a little vintage...and a little traditional. It's what I refer to as Hodge Podge Hip.
I firmly believe that family pictures should reflect the style and personality of the individuals being photographed.
So, I also chose a color scheme that I liked and that complimented the colors you can find in my home...orange/rust and blue/gray.
I love how the pictures turned out and I think they are totally "us".
What do you think?

Might I encourage you to take a gander around your house and see what "says you". It just might be the perfect addition for your next family photo.

I cannot end this post without featuring the fabulous photographer...Angelica Celeste of

Fotosynthesis Photography & Design

I know her personally and she is one amazing photographer and creative gal.
Her work is quality and professional, but most of all affordable. If you are local to the Salt Lake area I would highly recommend her. And if you're not local to the area, at least stop by her place and give her some love.


  1. uhm are you perfect? Cause the pictures sure are! SHEESH how can I ever keep up, jk love them! Your girls all of them are so grown up!

  2. SO YOU!!! Straight down to the bow tie on Chad. Gorgeous family!!! And I have a itty bitty crush on Beckham.

  3. Hmmmm....makes me want to go search around my house to see what I can come up with! We're getting our pictures taken soon. Absolutely gorgeous family : )


  4. Oh, my...what adorable photos! I love pictures in unusual settings and yours is so unique. Precious, precious children!

  5. very fun idea and adorable kids :) i love your blog, added your button to my site!


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