Friday, October 15, 2010

The Tardy Blogger Award

Okay. Today, I promise. Pics of the shop and the Anthro knock-off tutorial.
It's crazy how being out of the house for only a few hours a day can knock one's world totally off kilter. That's how it's felt since opening the shop, anyway.
It hasn't helped that the kiddies have been out of school for most of the week due to Fall recess either.
In fact, my little seven year old came into the bathroom today as I was getting ready to head down to the shop for a few hours and said..."I feel like I don't see you anymore".
Ahh, that's sweet, I thought. I don't exactly feel that way, but it was still sweet nonetheless.
Anywho, I've found myself wanting to be available for the kiddies when I get home, which consequently, means that I am not able to sit down at the computer and stalk my favorite blogs or post myself.
I assure you. We will get a schedule down. That might mean a few less posts a week, but you'll still love me, right? Good, cause I'd really miss you guys.
That said, I promise...nay, I cyber pinky swear, that I will have a new post for you by days end.


  1. Of course we'll still love you : ) Good luck with the schedule...I still haven't worked that out yet!

  2. I am dying to see pictures and of course your lamp! That was totally on my list of you guys!



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