Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Guess what happens when you leave a bookcase outside and a huge gust of wind comes through?

This heap of poo used to be a decent all-wood book shelf in my hubby's office. It had been residing in the gay-rage whilst the hubs and I shuffled things around in his man cave and redecorated.

Little did we know when we left the ole girl oustide it would be the last time we'd see her intact. I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye.

Oh well! Because there is a happy ending to this story.

When I went out to the garge to organize her remains I noticed that the pieces were still in pretty good shape. I thought it a shame to just discard them...for that's not the way of the frugal decorater.

As I sorted through the pieces I could see the potential in all the salvaged parts.

When I saw these guys my mind started going crazy. I saw a pair of standing photo frames, or if I added some knobs a future "knobby wall".

But, instead I decided to do this.

It's hard to see the numbers due to the flash on my camera, but they're there. I promise.

I've always had this philosophy that if something is in a room it should have some sort of purpose or functionality. So, ummm, the purpose of these number boards is to teach the little ones number recognition. Ya,that's it. I guess that if a person likes the way something looks, that's enough of a purpose, right?

{Look son, there's a two.}

I didn't take step by step pictures, so this isn't really a tutorial. And if you don't happen to have and old book shelf that has been brutally violated by the wind you could use any old {board} you have lying around. I started the process by sanding the wood with a medium sanding block. Then I primed them with Kilz spray primer. After they were dry, I painted them with Krylon brand Ocean Breeze. Then I distressed them and stensiled the numbers on {I just used a font off of my computer and made my own stensils}. Then I distressed the numbers by wiping off some of the paint so they looked faded and worn. Finally I glazed over the entire project with Ralph Lauren faux finish glaze. {Here's a tip, don't by your glaze pre-tinted. You can tint it with acrylic paint on your own. Sometimes I like black, sometimes brown. This way you can control the color. This time I used a combination of black and a little gray.} And voila...distressed number boards. You likey?

Stay tuned to see what becomes of the rest of the remains. It'll be flippin' awesome (written in my best Napolean Dynamite type).
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  1. You are hilarious. I've had the same misfortune of a gust of wind knocking down bookshelves I was painting. Look what you did with them though! I love the color. And how educational. :)

  2. Neat-o! I have the same philosophy . . . if "it" can be used for something, why toss it to the curb. Of course, my Hubby doesn't always share my philosophy ;o)

    Thanks for sharing a really cool project!

  3. What was the paint you used for these doors?
    I love it and would love to do a similar de-stressed look on my living room side table.


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