Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PB Inspired.

I love Pottery Barn. Every time I get my catalog in the mail, it's like Christmas has come early.
I love purusing the pages, dog earing the ones with a design idea I want to replicate or recreate on a shoe string budget.
Recently I made knock off vintage feed bag pillow cases like these in the PB Catalog.
I'm currently in the process of recreating some other decorative items straight out of Pottery Barn. I am hoping to have the results posted later today. So, be sure to check back soon.
But the thing I'm really excited about is this:

These are the Pottery Barn version of some fabulous dining chairs. I love the fun colors, upholstered seats and carved wood backs. They retail for $249-349.
Now take a look at this:

I found five of these luver-ly's at the local thrift store on Saturday. I spent $10 a piece on them. I know that the wood cut outs are a little different, but the styles are similar. I can harly wait to paint them and see just how closely I can get them to resemble the PB version (I am loving the pale blue color, in case you were wondering).
Now, look at this.

This little beauty retails for $999. *sigh* I could sit and admire her for hours. There is just something about a round, pedestal table I find so attractive.
Now, do you remember this?

I found her at the thrift store for $20. She's been waiting patiently in the garage for her moment to shine and think it's about time.

Stay tuned for the Pottery Barn vs. Erika's Garage showdown. It's gonna be a good one.

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