Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Blue Door

A few days ago I was at Gardner Village. I stopped by one of my favorite stores and upon entering noticed the darling blue door...which gots me to thinkin'.
Skip ahead to today. I was feeling a little anxious, like I needed a little project...cause I don't have enough of them going on right now. Then I remembered the cute little door at Gardner Village and decided I was gonna paint our front door. Our poor entry way has been woefully neglected since we moved in. It wasn't really a priority what with all of the other more pertinant projects needing to get done (i.e. carpet, flooring, painting, lighting etc.) So, off to Wally's I went to buy some paint. Feeling inspired by the little blue door at my favorite store, I decided to honor it by painting my little door the same beautiful hue. I was a little nervous that it might be too in your face, but decided to go with my gut. I quite like the way it turned out. It's definately not subtle, but I like the little pop of color it adds and the way it breaks up the monotony of all the brick. I dunno, whadaya think?
Before. :(

And after. :)

I'm still not quite done. I plan on making a cool lima bean wreath for the front door. I have all of the stuff, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Listen, I can sense some eye rolling even though I can't actually see you. For all of you doubters you can check out my lima bean wreath at one of my favoritest That's where I got the idea. You'll see how fab it really is.
I'm also thinking I might need to do something to spice up the plain window(s). I'm thinking either shutters or widow boxes. Not sure yet. Suggestions? I haven't decided if I should continue with the turquoise. I may go with a dark egg planty purple so as to not blind any passersby. I think moderation, in this instance, is the way to go. As I said...suggestions kindly welcomed.
Anywho, while I was a paintin' mood, I decided to resurrect a few, old, galvanized metal pots I had lying around. I found some cute little pine trees for $4 at Wally's (Walmart) and thought they would look fab in the newly blue pots. I scattered these little cuties on either side of the garage doors.
Before. :(

After. :)

I sense some concern. Yes, I am planning on removing the poor little trees from their constrictive and unsightly plastic containers. I promise. I was just seeing how they would look with the blue.

I dunno. I think that I stepped up the curb appeal just a titch with these few
enhancements. All it ended up costing for materials was just under $35. That includes $6 for paint , $12 for the trees, $6 for lima beans, $5 for the wreath form and $3 for ribbon for the wreath. Not to shabby, methinks. Surprisingly, the hubby liked the door. Looks like someone is warming up to my little obsession. Perhaps now would be a good time to move my table indoors.

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  1. the color of your front door. I painted all the windows on my house a similar color. I'll have photos up soon on my blog. I just finished it.

  2. I'm posting this a few months later, but I love your door! I painted mine a color called "Coral Bells" about the same time you did yours, and I love it too! I just couldn't do another winter with a taupe door. Yay pops of color!

    Which Gardner Village store had the blue door? I'm thinking it through in my head and can't see it.


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