Monday, June 20, 2016

Can I get a "Pfister" bump?

I was recently contacted by Pfister to try out one of their kitchen faucets and to let them know what I thought of it.  I thought I'd also go ahead and share my findings with the masses...cause I'm a giver.

Here's the faucet up for review:

As a DIY'er, there are three key elements I always keep in mind when I am about to embark on a new project.

Cost, Quality and Appearance.

COST.  Listen, I love nice things, but I have five of which is preparing to go to college in the fall, so I have to be very deliberate about how I spend my money.  I need an affordable product that won't require me to sell any of my beloved organs in order to pay for it.  This particular faucet retails for about $100...which in my opinion is fairly budget friendly.

QUALITY.  This goes hand in hand with number one.  As I mentioned prior, I need an affordable product that won't break the bank, but I also need that product to be good quality.  Even though I am reviewing a Pfister product, I am not obligated to "sing it's praises".  That being said, Pfister is a brand I am familiar's a brand that I trust, so I am hopeful that the product I'm reviewing today is of decent quality and will hold up over time.

APPEARANCE.  Call me superficial, but I want a product that not only works great, but also looks great.  I like things to be swoon, the guy from Poldark swoon worthy.  This particular faucet was fairly basic, but perfect for our basement kitchen.  The only way it could have been any more attractive is if it burbled the phrase "hello darling" when the handles were turned...all the while spewing delicious, clear H20.

In all transparency, I did not attach the faucet myself.  I gave Studly that honor.  But when I asked him how he would rate this particular faucet...he pretty much gave it a two thumbs up.  It fulfilled everything on our checklist, plus was easy to install in addition.  From start to finish the project took only about an hour and that included removing the old kitchen faucet.

Here's a picture of everything you need for installation:
 plumers tape, plumbers putty, fixture, and wrench

Again, in full transparency, the faucet hasn't been installed for that long, so it remains to be seen how well it holds up over time.  But as I mentioned before, Pfister is a brand that I am familiar with, so I confident and comfortable it will perform up to our standards.

Here are a few before and after pics, just in case you were wondering.



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