Sunday, November 24, 2013


Howdy peeps!

I know that today is not Friday, but I still wanted to get in a few "fab finds" before a new week started.  I have a handful of them to share today.  The holiday season has got me in all sorts of a giving mood, what can I say?

My first fab find comes from my home away from home...Ikea.  For those of you with little kiddos, this will be of particular interest to you.
It is a "pepparkaka hus" {I love saying that!!!} It's a gingerbread house kit for $2.99.  Are you feeling the love?  I am because now I don't have to try and fashion five, little houses out of ill fitting graham crackers.  And...and, five of these "kaka" houses are about the same price as one of those kits you can buy at the grocery store, only now WWIII won't have to break out cause everyone can decorate their own.  Thanks Ikea!!!  My kids' houses are gonna rock it this year and I might actually stay sane through Christmas break.

My second fab find sort of goes along with my first as it also comes from Ikea and is of the "pepparkaka" variety.
I have been wanting to have one of those "handmade holiday" Christmas's where the fam sits together 'round the fire stringing popcorn and cranberries into garland and folding paper into sock and mitten shapes for ornaments.  In my mind I picture something straight out of a Norman Rockwell calendar, when in reality it would probably go down more like something out of Maury Povich episode.  Anyway, I have been wanting to make "homemade" cookie ornaments for the littles to decorate and now I don't have slave away in the kitchen doing the blessed souls at Ikea did it for me.  I know, I know... hardly handmade, but I don't think the kids are gonna care too much.  I mean who doesn't love a "kaka" cookie?

And finally, my third fab find, which I am completely obsessed with and totally wracking my brain trying to find a place to use them is... peel and stick paneling from

The panels are real wood veneer with an adhesive back
which makes for a quick and easy space transformations...they are pretty much my dream product.

I did a little google searching and came up with a few awesome project that used these wood panels.

Keep a hanky handy cause you'll need it to wipe up all the drool.


I love that you can use this product anywhere...on the wall, on the ceiling, on an island.
Don't be surprised if you see a "stikwood" project featured here in the near future.

Oh, and before I go, don't forget to enter my giveaway.  It ends tomorrow night and a winner will be announced Wednesday.  In addition to a free Kensie product of your choosing, you will also win a fun holiday gift from me.  Check back Monday to see what it is!!!  You won't be disappointed.


  1. Now, to find time to make time to try a project...
    You are incredibly talented, my friend!

  2. The whole season of Christmas is wonderful! Love to see everyone's decorations; hear the music; smell the smells. Its all about the five senses for me.


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