Friday, August 16, 2013

Fabulous Find Friday...giraffe hooks

It is my personal opinion that every room should have some quirk and personality.  I mean, a room without personality is much like, well, a person without personality...DULL and BORING.

I have been searching for some sort of towel rack for my master bathroom, but haven't had any luck...until today.

Look what I found

Giraffe hooks!   And what's more, they are royal blue...which is, like, my current fave color right now.

I love my new bathroom, even though it's not totally finished.  It's gorgeous and I could just sit and look at it all day long, but you know what it's missing...some whimsy, some fun, a sense of humor.  I mean, right now my bathroom is merely a "trophy" bathroom.   It needs some personality to balance out the beauty and I think these little giraffe hooks will do the job nicely.

I found these fun hooks at World Market {unavailable online sadly}.  They were $9.99 and came in an assortment of colors...royal blue, white and red...possibly yellow too, but I can't be certain of that because I had a child whining at me and was a little distracted.  Anywho, you could totally paint them {uh, or whatever color you fancy} if the color doesn't work for you.

And if you aren't in the market for towel racks, they might also make great

*curtain tie backs

*closet door pulls {how cute would they be in a nursery}

*or organizational hooks...they'd be perfect for a mud room.

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