Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fabulous Find Friday- Kensie...and a giveaway.

My fabulous find for this week is a clothing/accessory company called Kensie.  
Now, I know this is a DIY/Home decorating blog and you are probably wondering what the heck I'm doing posting about fashion and clothing.  Well, I'll tell you this, clothing and fashion go hand in hand.  Many of the same design trends you find in fashion are also present in interior design.  

As a matter of fact, I often turn to fashion for inspiration.  When I'm in a design rut and can't decide on a color scheme or what patterns I like, I look to my own closet and fashion magazines for a little guidance.
I recently learned about a new clothing/accessory company called Kensie.  Maybe some of you are familiar with the name.  I wasn't.  Apparently, I've been hiding under a rock somewhere.  
Any who, Kensie is a globally recognized brand.  Their clothing and accessories have been featured in Marie Claire, InStyle and Glamour magazines and also on my favorite, guilty pleasure show {Pretty Little Liars}.

I'm an accessories gal, and I totally fell in love with their jewelry...especially these two sets of earrings.

These {gold, hexagon earrings} encompass two of my favorite interior design and, well, hexagons.

gold hex side tables from Z Gallerie

gold hex towel rack from Urban Outfitters

I am super in love with these {beaded, color blocked earrings}.

Color blocked curtains from

Color block pillow from

See color blocking isn't just for curtains and pillows.

I also spotted a sweet gold bracelet with arrow detail and wishbone pendant necklace {who doesn't love anything turkey related?}.  They have so many chic accessory and clothing items available it's almost impossible to choose.  

Well, friends.  I am happy to share the wealth of my new find with you.  
Kensie has agreed to give one lucky reader a product {of your choosing} from their line.

The giveaway is now open and will close Tuesday, September 3rd .  A winner will be announced Wednesday, September 4th...which also happens to be my birthday.  And to celebrate, I will include a special birthday gift from me to you, of one of my favorite things...check back Monday to see what it is.

All righty, time to win some free stuff...and go!

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    1. Well, they are "globally recognized". I'm not sure if that means their products are available for sale internationally.
      Here is a link to their website if you want to check it out.


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