Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Renovating the kiddos bathroom...oh ya, I'm going there.

So, my master bath isn't even finished yet and I'm already making an inspiration board for the kiddies bathroom.  That's just how me and my ADD roll.  Studs has a hard time with it.  He likes to take things one project at time and breaks out in hives every time I bring up ideas for the "next" project.  Poor guy.  No wonder he's a ticking time bomb for stress induced ailments...shingles anyone?  
Anywho, for the time being we will just keep this little plan to ourselves, mmmkay.  I will pitch it to Studly as soon as I feel like his immune system can handle it.  A few rounds of golf oughta do the trick...I hope.
I did a quick and inexpensive under $75 upgrade to the kiddos bathroom a year or two ago, so that I could look at it without puking.  It has worked for the time being, but now I'm ready to do some serious upgrading.  We've been in the house for five years now and it's time.  Renovating bathrooms can get really costly, but I plan on salvaging the vanity and doing as much work myself as I can...and by that I mean, Studly will do as much work as he can himself while I bark out orders.  I've set a conservative budget to accomplish the reno.  It will be a challenge to try and stick to it, but I'm up for it.  But, as I've come to learn about reno's-specifically bathroom reno's, there's always the chance of running into unexpected expenses...say, the floor falling in.
For now, here's what I have in mind.  The materials themselves aren't super expensive.  What scares me is most is what we will find once we start tearing things out.  Please, no more black mold!
My goal was to choose materials that would hold up to the wear and tear of a gaggle of children, but would also be sophisticated enough for adult use.  The kids' bathroom also serves as the guest bathroom when we have company over. 
I love the idea of dark tile floors, especially this striped-linen looking tile.  Kids are dirty and this tile should conceal that nicely, methinks.  I am also super, duper, madly in love with the antique brass shower head and sink faucet...like David Beckham mixed with the new Superman mixed with the guy who plays the new Captain Kirk the in love with it.  The light I'm not totally dead set on,  I just think a little school house light would be cute in a kids bathroom.
And the big splurge would be replacing the old tile top on the vanity with a fancy, carrera marble top.

Which brings me to my next item of business.  The vanity.  As I mentioned, I am going to try and salvage the existing vanity...you know, to try and save some money.  I think a nice coat of paint will help freshen it up and give it some new life.  Here's where you come in.  I am trying to decide what color to paint it.  I want it to be something fun...no gray or black, after all it is a kids bathroom.  Right now the color I am leaning towards is
Kelly green or Amazon Moss by Benjamin Moore if you wanna get technical.  Yay, or nay?

In other bathroom news, the contractor will be back tomorrow to start installing the cabinets and vanity.  Hot dog!!!  
I will be sure to post pics of the progess.

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  1. We just ripped out a bathroom and used the subway tile. I love it, I went with white floor tile. I kinda wish we had used what you picked out.I love that look!


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