Monday, June 24, 2013

Master bath is underway...finally!

Last week my house was a rotating door for people coming and going, but I loved it.  It meant that my bathroom was finally underway and I was inching closer to having my own bath space back.

I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me everything you see is a big deal.  We left the space looking like this

but by the end of the day, Friday, we were looking like this.

The shower heads were relocated on either end of the shower for a look similar to this...

Dry wall was hung and mudded and taped so that I no longer have to see into the studs of the house...
AND this tile that is going on the wall behind the vanity and on the three walls of the shower now finally has a place to be put.
The subfloor is finally down so I no longer have to worry about any little people stepping in between studs, through the drywall, and falling into the basement.  Phew!  It also means we are one step closer to this luscious tile
being on the ground, rather than stacked up in my bedroom.

By the end of today, there could possibly be tile on the shower walls.  Holy crap! 
I'm already contemplating what book and beverage I want by my side when I break in the new Euro style bathtub.
Oh man, it's getting so close I can almost taste seriously, there's a haze of dust floating around in the air and everytime I open my mouth I feel like I just licked a chalkboard.  But who cares.  I almost have a bathroom.  Yee haw!

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