Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bathroom Update via i-phone

So, Studs kept me updated on all the bathroom progress while I was visiting my mom and family by sending me pictures via i-phone.

The first picture he sent was this one of the shower with comments like "what do you think...too bad it's already done".  I can't believe it's finally tiled and grouted.  Oh happy day!!!

Here's a close up of the luscious wood look tile and the grout Studs picked out all on his own.  I was a little concerned, what with him being color blind and all, but he did all right, no?

And finally, the pebble tile on the floor.  Here it is prior to grouting.
I was a little concerned about how obvious each individual tile was.

But after it was grouted, I had no more worries.  I think I'm in love...
Folks, we may have a fully functional bathroom by the end of next week.  Is this real life?  Someone pinch me. 

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