Friday, October 26, 2012

Holding Pattern

Not a lot to report.  I'm sorta in a holding pattern right now...just tying to figure out what project I want to start on next.  Ever since getting a couch in the front room, I've been a little obssessed on finishing it.  I haven't made any major changes or improvements to the space since my last post about it, but there are a couple of architectural elements I am kicking around in the ole noggin.

Wood beams on the ceiling-I'm madly in love with this idea.
Wood ceiling beam

These beams are gorgeous, no?


And...built in shelving...for books and knick knacks.


I love the rolling ladder!

I can't really proceed until I've had a chance to plead my case to Studs- since he'll probably end up being the one who does most of the work.  Good thing he doesn't read my blog, eh?  Poor guy has a few weeks of vacation coming up and he has no idea what I've got in store for him.  

In other, unrelated news, my kiddos had fall recess last week.  Here's how we spent it.

Yes, we accomplished a lot...a lot of nothin'.  And it was awesome!!!

We did get one constructive thing done however...the dreaded, annual, {fall family pictures}.  I can't believe it's even that time of year already...if we are getting family pictures taken, that means Christmas is right around the corner {gasp}.

My cute niece found a beautiful, golden field and quaint little orchard to use as the backdrop.  I love how earthy and organic the pictures turned out.

The "sesh" went pretty well, methinks.  It took a little coaxing and bribing to get the kiddos on the right page.  I wanted to dig a hole in the field and throw a few of them in it at first, but eventually the all came around and redeemed themselves...once they realized they couldn't go home til mama had a decent picture of each of them.

Christmas cards are officially ordered and in the mail...jealous?

Well, I'm off to deliberate on how to break the news to Studly that we have some projects to get started on.  Those beams won't nail themselves to the ceiling.  Til next time...


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