Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's Play

Howdy peeps!  Long time, no post. 

I have a super fun, super easy project to share with you today, but first let me start from the very beginning.  Oh don't roll your eyes- I'll be brief...ish.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by DecoArt and asked to try out some of their gloss enamel paint.  I am always game for trying out new products, so I happily consented. 

This particular paint comes in several different finishes:  transparent, opaque, glitter, frost, crystal...  It is ideal for use on porcelain and glass and is now available at your local Michael's craft store.

Initially, I'd planned on upcycling an old porcelain platter or lamp base to test the paint out on, but once I started working, I just wasn't feeling it.  Truth be told, I can't paint worth crap!  I mean, I can paint...if it involves a roller or a spray can.  But my artistic abilities stop beyond that.  Needless to say, I was a little intimidated because of my nonexistant decorative painting skills.  I can honestly say now, having completed my project, that this product is perfect for diy'ers/crafters of varying artistic abilities and backgrounds.
{For glass inspiration, click here, DecoArt Glass Paint., DecoArt/Pinterest }
I decided to put the project aside and let things stew for awhile to think about what I wanted to do.  A few days later it donned on 3 o'clock in the morning. {I'm not certain why, but some of my "brightest" ideas [though Studly would beg to differ] come to me during the stills of the night.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it is the only time the house is quiet and I can actually entertain a focused thought.  But whatevs.  Needless to say, I was a little groggy when inspiration struck, but thankful the idea remained when I woke up a few hours later.  And that idea was to create the flippin' coolest "game station" ever. 

Okay, stay with me. 

Awhile back, whilst meandering through Ikea's dented and dinged section, I came across a cute, little glass top table...similar to this one.  I nabbed it not knowing for sure what I would do with it.
I ended up using the two bases as end tables and stashed the glass table top away out in the garage. 

I was relieved to find it still there and that Studly had not tossed out behind my back.  I brought the glass top inside and got to work. 

I prepped the surface by wiping it down with a damp cloth then drying it off with a clean, dry, lint free towel {Rubbing alcohol can also be used to prep the work area}.  After the surface was properly clean and dry, I used a dry erase marker to sketch out my "game plan".

When I was satisfied with the design, I went over it with the DecoArt 3D gloss enamel, glass writer. 

I strategically painted the squares with some transparent, gloss enamel {in turquoise}.

And that was it.  Game over.

After the paint had cured for 48 hours, the fam got to work testing out the new "game table". 

We are a game loving people in these parts, so naturally we are thrilled to have a space designated solely for playing games.  The kids have really taken to you can see.

For the older kids...checkers and chess were a must. 

The pieces are "thrifty chic"...pop bottle caps in contrasting colors.

For the younger ones...tic tac toe. 

Again, with "thrifty chic" game pieces.  I simply painted old canning lids with chalk paint and drew on the circles and exes with chalk.

I decided to also throw in a built in Connect Four

and dots station for good measure. 

Who can resist a rousing game of dots?  I know I can't.

And when everyone is finished playing...the pieces are simply stashed away in the totally recycleable/green game caddy...otherwise know as a cardboard pop bottle carrier painted with chalkboard paint. 

Tres chic.  Or should I say...trash eek?

If no one is in the mood for a rousing game of tic tac toe or chess the space can still be used for {insert board game/card game of your choosing}.

So, if you happen to have an old glass topped end table, kitchen table, coffee table, patio table, old window or random piece of extra panel of glass lying around...don't toss it out.  With little effort and little cost you could have your own fabulous game table.  You might be surprised at the hours of fun {and possibly the occasional fist fight} it will provide.  Game on!   

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