Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Big Time Shopping Score and A Focal Wall

So, momma hit the jackpot big time today.  I wasn't even shopping really, I was just returning some items and decided to take a quick drive by of the home goods at TJ Maxx before heading up to the cashier.  And wouldn't you know it was my lucky day...there they were basking in the glow of artificial light.  It was truly divine.
A tree stump end table and a couple of natural fiber lamps. 

I've been eyeballing an tree stump table similar to this one at West Elm for months.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend the $200.  This little beauty is a darker wood {I prefer lighter} but it was half the price {and after returns it ended up being more like a quarter of the price} and I just couldn't pass up a deal like that.  So I nabbed her.

Then when I turned the corner to head towards the clearance section, I saw two of these precious'.  I wasn't in the market for new lamps, but these beauties were on sale for $15...I swear on the gorgeous head of David Beckham I'm telling the truth.  Fifteen dollars, can you believe it?  You can't even by a lamp shade for that.  So, of course I grabbed them two.  I'm feeling like a revamp of the front room might be in order now.  {Studly will be happy to hear that.}

So far, the summer is off to a great start.  Although, I better pace the shopping adventures or Studly will surely lock me away til summer's over.

In other news, I completed one small project on my to-do list- a "wood" focal wall in my daughter Quinn's bedroom.  I'm not gonna say much about for now.  I'll fill you in on it once the room is entirely done.  But here's a little sneaky peeky til then.
{sorry for the grainy pic, it was taken on my iphone}

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