Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gearing up for summer!

Howdy, peepsies! 

The weather has finally decided to stop teasing least I hope so.  It's been beautiful and warm for the last week or two now and I am feeling ready for summer more than ever.  

Isn't it strange how our mental health is affected by the changing of seasons.  I am so motivated to get going on my long list of "to do's" now that I know the snow is in hibernation mode.  I have some big plans, if only I could get Studly on board.  Poor guy!  He freezes in horror everytime he hears me say "hey, I just had a really awesome idea".  We'll see how it goes. 

One of the jobs at the top of my list was to get the front yard landscaped...finally.  So, for the last week or so, Studs and I have been out in the yard digging and planting and watering.  We have no idea what we are doing, but things are looking pretty good so far...the place may be a tangled, jungle mess in ten years, but I guess we will deal with that later.

We have a little spot reserved for a sitting area {on the right hand side behind the rocks} , so I've been "researching" bistro sets and the like.  West Elm never ceases to deliver.  I found this beautiful wood furniture set that I would love to have. 
The dining table and benches would be too big for the space out front, but they would be ideal for the back deck.

This little coffee table and a couple of chairs would be perfect for the space, though.
All of West Elm's outdoor furniture is currently on sale, but it is still a little spendy.  I'm at the crossroads of deciding if I should spend more and get what I love, or spend less and get something that I just this cute, turquoise bistro set from Target.
 I really like the color...naturally, but I don't particularly care for the style.  But bare in mind that this three piece set is $74, while the West Elm coffee table and two chairs is $580.

There is always the option of compromising and buying something more afforadable with a similar look as the West Elm set.

Little, wooden bench
Pottery Barn-$249
Wooden Armchair

Adirondack Chair
 Cost Plus-$99

Coastal Inspired Adirondack Chair
Cost Plus-$129

My heart is still smitten by the West Elm furniture, but I'll mull it over for a bit and see if I still feel that way.  I guess it's nice to know there are so many options available.  Whatever I decide to do, I can hardly wait to go outside and sit and soak up the long awaited summer sun. 

Are you as ready for summer to begin as I am? 


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