Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knock Off Decor Feature and a "Light Bulb"moment.

Howdy peeps!

Becky over at knock-off decor is currently featuring my industrial metal letters that I made for my laundry room revamp. {Thanks lady!}
I've made it pretty clear that I am a sucker for a good knock off.  And if you are into knocking off ridiculously over priced home decor as well, I would highly suggest hopping over to her place and taking a look around.  It's amazing to see what people can do with a little ingenuity.

And in other news, I have been dreaming of covering every thing I see in contact paper.  It's gotta stop.  I'm worried that pretty soon I'll be living in a house entirely coated in plastic.  But that said, I love my "wood" lamp shade.  I failed to mention in my post about it how it looked with the light on.  My answer to that is  "FLIPPIN' AWESOME"! 

It looks even better with the lamp turned on.  My only advice is to take extra care when trimming off the excess contact paper.  You can see if it's uneven through the shade when the lamp is on.  After I had adhered my c.p., I just took a razor blade and trimmed all the excess off along the support rings at the top and bottom.  Easy, peasy. 


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  1. jhdehoff@aol.comMay 27, 2012 at 7:14 AM

    Thanks for all the wonderful info. I love DIY and the $$ ch-ching it saves.


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