Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fabulous Find

I set out yesterday on a find a couple of fun, earthy/organic knick knacks for the massive bookshelves I have flanking my fireplace. I knew exactly what I was looking for. Something along the lines of:

(photo courtesy:

(photo courtesy: google images)

(photo courtesy: west

Instead, I came home with these.

These stools were definately not in the plans, and were a little more expensive than what I had set aside, but sometimes things just have a way of finding you instead of the other way around, I guess.

I loved the "uniquness" of these little guys the second I saw them.

How cute would they be as little side tables coupled together.

But I fancy using them as bar stools instead.

{I love the adjustable seat detail...perfect for children of varying ages and heights}

{and who can overlook the metal bases...very vintagey.}

I'd been thinking about replacing my old, traditional bar stools with something a little more interesting and one-of-a-kind for awhile. I just didn't know what I wanted. I think these cute little things are exactly what I was looking for...even though I didn't know it til I saw them.

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