Monday, March 26, 2012

Dresser Dilemma

I mentioned that we've been shuffling children and furniture around for the past few weeks and I'm really motivated to get all of the kiddies rooms finished...preferably before they move away to college.

The next project I have on the list, aside from painting the walls, is to repaint this cute little gal.

I actually still love the purple, but it doesn't match the color scheme in the room anymore.

So, I spent a little time over the weekend collecting some ideas/inspiration as to what I wanted to do. I am amazed at how creative some people are. Take a look at some of the fabulous dresser's I found.

vertical stripes


Hmm, now to decide on which one I like best.

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  1. I like the chevron or diagonal stripes! so cute! can't wait to see it


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