Thursday, January 20, 2011

That's so Tacky!

So, have any of you happened to check out Anthropologie lately? If so, you may have come across these...


Aren't they the tackiest thing you've ever seen? {Psst. I luh-huv them. I might even possibly have a little crush on them}.

Where in the flippin' crud could one put such a gaudy accessory without having it stick out like a sore...zebra head? {I don't care, I luv them. But, since you asked, how about in the his&her bedroom I'm finishing up?}

Surely something as tasteless as a rhinoceros bust could never find a home in any decent persons living quarters. {Wanna make a bet?}

I'm not sure how you all feel about adorning your house with paper mache animal heads, but I'm all over it.

Granted, you probably wouldn't want to mount it next to your collage of vintage ironstone platters...or maybe you would, but I think a little whimsy and a sense of humor while decorating is super classy.

Stay tuned to see how I incorporated them into the little dearies new bedroom. If they didn't have nightmares before, they will now.

P.S. I forgot to mention that these little preciouses fetch anywhere from $68-$128 a head.

And H{double hockey sticks} no I didn't pay retail. I did what any self proclaimed frugal fashonista would...I made my own. Stay tuned for the tutorial... I dare you try 'em. You just might like 'em.

P.P.S. I know I said that the his&her bedroom would be done days ago, but stud muffin up and left me for the week and I am in need of his assistance on a few things. Then it'll be ready to reveal...old crate, animal heads and all. Better grab your might need them either out of shock or {hopefully} out of excitement. Either way your bladder might not be ready for the funky freshness.

Peace out!

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