Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Someday Crafts Feature

I feel like a proud mama right now.
My precious teacup lamp was featured over at Someday Crafts.
*SIGH* Seems like just yesterday I was drilling holes into her whilst comtemplating smashing her in the middle of the road...a labor of patience, to say the least.
So glad I checked myself before I "shattered" her dreams.
Might I encourage you to head on over to Someday Crafts to check out some of her other amazing features...she had an inside out caramel apple that left me drooling like a baby.


  1. Congrats!! It's fun to get recognition on something you worked so hard on : )

  2. So glad that you were posted over there. I can't wait to start looking for items to make a lamp!! Congrats!


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